Measuring to manage

I recently started recording all of my workouts in a log. Everything from what lift to how many reps to how many sets, yada yada yada.

I did so at the advice of one Tim Ferriss (my idol these days), under his guiding words that tracking your workouts sends a ripple through all of your activities. He thinks that the small win of tracking your workouts can help lead to you being more likely to measure other things.

Well, two weeks in, I agree. The habit of tracking my workouts has given me an itch to measure other parts of my life. This has lead me to download apps for sleep analysis, create habitual journals, and send myself recurring Google Forms to track status in key areas.

While it is too soon to tell if this effort is worth result, I think there are some positives to be realized. I can definitely say that recording my workouts has been quite helpful in freeing my brain of remembering what I did the prior week. That alone is worth the effort, to me.

Only time will tell, but I encourage you to try and measure something important to you. Who knows how it will help you improve a skill or translate to other parts of your life.

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