The joys of stopping procrastination

For my third book this month, I picked up I Will Teach You To Be Reach by Ramit Sethi. While it sounds extremely gimmicky, I must say that the book overall was very insightful.

As a twenty-something that knows virtually nothing about my personal finance, I thought it was finally time to stop mismanaging my funds, hence my choice to read this book. After completing the book today, I can confidently say that it is the “85% solution” for everyone to eliminate debt, cut costs on things you don’t need, and optimize investments. If you feel that your finances can be automated, simplified, or improved, I highly recommend this read.

For me, following the action plan in this book was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I am the type of person that always said they would save more money, but, time and time again, I never met my goals. With the process set up in this book, I am now able to save, invest, pay my bills, and have a flexible budget set without lifting a finger.

This automation not only saves me time and reduces my exorbitant spending, it gives me a huge sense of relief. I can now spend the money that I have allotted per week in a guilt-free manner, knowing that my savings goals are met. For someone who used to stress about money constantly, this piece of mind alone is worth the read.

So, if you are a clueless, stressed out wreck (even when you know you shouldn’t be) about money, give this book or some of Ramit’s free content a read/watch. I highly recommend his take on negotiations, as well.


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