Tonight I had an incredible meal in Austin. Between the steak, pork belly, salad, asparagus, and brussel sprouts, it was unbelievably tasty.

All was well and I was on track, avoiding the potatoes and the bread the whole way through. In fact, with the amazing food in front of me it was easy to follow my diet. My eating habits were disguised in plain sight.

It was so easy. Easy, that is, until dessert…

My weakness had always been sugar. Pastries, cookies, candy – I’ll eat it all. So, naturally, when dessert arrived, my patience was tested.

It was then that I had moment that I have had many times over the past 27 days. A rational dialogue in my head.

Is it worth the $5 to break my diet goal? I can afford it at this point.

Ultimately  though,  cooler heads prevailed. I refused to trivialize my core values and goals for temporary pleasure. I recognized that it would not be worth the short term dopamine rush to sacrifice the gains I have made thus far.

Even though I was the only one at the table who didn’t indulge, I never felt so comfortable. My actions we’re congruent with my desires, an empowering feeling.

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