First thoughts: Austin, TX


I am writing today’s post from my hostel in Austin, Texas. With business visit on Monday and Tuesday, I opted to make a long weekend out of the trip. Additionally, in order to prepare for my solo trip abroad, here I am in Austin with virtually noone that I know in the entire city. Exciting!

Despite the 105 degree weather, I must say that my first impressions of the city are fantastic. Everyone I have met so far is extremely friendly and helpful. The city itself is pristine and 6th street looks like a blast.

I am keeping today’s post short so that I can head out onto the streets and explore! Wish me luck.

P.S. I finished book number two today on the flight. I had to shift gears from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance because, while fascinating, it was no the right book for a power read. I look forward to finishing it after this challenge and am focusing on finishing two books in the seven days (oh boy).

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