Your biggest fear

Being alone.

Getting too comfortable.

Not being successful.

I recently asked three of my friends, during lunch, what their biggest fear was. What was the one thing that they were afraid of, the thing that kept them up at night. The thing that they must avoid at all costs. Needless to say, it was quite insightful.

All of the above items are rational fears. I think we can all agree that we would much rather live socially, challenging ourselves constantly, while reaping the benefits of our own personal success. There is no contesting that. It would be preferred.

But, is the opposite something to really fear? Should we sacrifice other aspects of our lives, just to avoid the one thing we cannot even stomach? Or, are we sometimes better off being alone than surrounded by people that do not align with our core values? Are we better off reflecting and recharging some days, in substitution of a burning exploration? Most importantly, is failure the ultimate segue into success?

I think that our biggest fears are the things that we can learn the most from. I genuinely believe that, once you have lived your worst case scenario, everything else becomes easier. Your entire perspective, what you thought possible, will shift. And shift rapidly. You will open the doors to a new world, one you couldn’t hardly imagine prior.

Find your biggest fear. Conquer it. Go head first into the worst case scenario that you can imagine. Fail. Be alone. Be comfortable. Be uncomfortable.

You will become fearless. You will become courageous.

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