Just get up

6:45. Beep. Beep. Beep.

That sound. We all know it. It makes us cringe even at the thought of it. Like nails on a chalkboard or a cut off of Nickelback’s new album, you just can’t stomach it. Yet you hear it every single morning.

I desperately flail my arms, grasping for my smartphone. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I grab a hold of my piece of technology, silencing the machine. I snooze my phone for 15 minutes. Mistake one.

Some days, I will pop right out of bed after the original alarm or the extra 15 minutes. Some days, after a long fight with extremely poor, yet very enticing rationality, I will triumph over my luxurious bed and start my day. Today was not one of those days. Today, I snoozed my phone five times and awoke at 8:30, with barely enough time to make into work for my first meeting.

I know, at my core, that this was the wrong behavior. I knew that I should get up and complete my morning routine, like I had planned. But today, I didn’t have enough energy to get up and start my day. I didn’t have enough willpower to overcome this small hurdle…and I had to pay the price.

Because I skipped my morning routine, I was now behind on my daily goals. I wasn’t able to eat a nutritious breakfast, meditate, or read at all. Additionally, because I was almost late for my morning meeting, my levels of cortisol subtly spiked. Worst of all, I was extremely groggy from these interrupted sleep patterns and inability to consume any caffeine.

All of these symptoms put me in a bad emotional state. All because I didn’t do one, simple thing: wake up. This all could have been easily avoided if I had just sucked it up and climbed out of bed (and stayed out). But I failed.

It is interesting how these small tests of willpower have such a profound impact on the rest of your life. The same effect takes place when a person decides against eating clean or working out. While it may seem easier in the moment, in the long-term you are left unhealthy, unenergized, and fat. Pay the small deposit upfront however, and you will reap the compounded benefits.

It can be so easy to listen to the rationalizing voice in your head through these moments of weakness. Be strong in the future and fight back. Separate emotion from action. Remember that succumbing will only push back down the mountain, to where you began.

What will you do tomorrow? Set your phone on the opposite side of the room and wake up on time? Or will you hit snooze until the last possible minute? Choice is yours.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

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