The article I didn’t want to write, but desperately needed to

I do not want to write at this very moment. My eyes are heavy from a long Monday and I have a very early morning ahead of me. It would be so easy to quit right now and crawl into bed. I am not going to lie, the warm, clean linens are tempting.

But I won’t. I can’t. Because if I do, I will fail, stopping my momentum and progress dead in its tracks. It will all come crashing down in an instant. And this far into the journey, I have no interest in stopping anytime soon.

It would be so easy to rationalize my way out of this article. I have written for twelve days consecutively, a streak that obliterates any prior to that. I can afford another $5. After all, I am on track in most of my goals. It could easily go to sleep right now, this very moment and still be in a great position to succeed in my challenge.

But it is about so much more than that. In the past, I have taken the easy route and I know where it leads. I have set out on a noble path, striving for excellence only to rationalize my way out when the going got rough. I know that this will inevitably lead me to the exact spot I began. I know that one slip-up will lead to another…and another…and another. I know this and I refuse to make this same mistake again. Hell, that is why I did this challenge in the first place.

I know I will fail. We all do. Someday, probably sooner rather than later, I won’t reach my goal. I will rationalize myself out of doing something that I know I want to do because it is too uncomfortable or because I am too tired. I am only human.

The difference however, is that this piece of writing, this very article is proof that it can be done and that the juice is always worth the squeeze. See, it is a very rare circumstance when I feel satisfied upon reflecting on my inaction. The feeling, the overwhelming portion of the time, is that of emptiness and disappointment. The price I must pay for my lack of investment in myself.

This piece will forever be a reminder and proof that, even when you feel the most tired, the most lonely, the most beat-down, the most discouraged, you must continue on. You must exemplify grit. Find a way, deep within to crush the annoying voice that speaks of doing it “tomorrow”. Do not put off what can be done today until tomorrow. I guarantee your competitors won’t.

7/13/15 10:36 PM PST

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