Recharging: a necessity

With an action-packed week in my rear view mirror, and an enthralling set of experiences planned for the one upcoming, today was a great day to lie low. After waking up in SF, I hoped on a Caltrain home, finished reading Influence, caught up on articles and podcasts, worked out, cooked some amazing meals, and am preparing to go out for a drink with a friend. Overall, it has been a very relaxing day, that was much needed.

In today’s world, it is easier than ever to burn one’s self out. Facebook and Twitter are social networks that function as forms of social proof, consistently driving a “fear of missing out” for its users. Consequently, we try harder and harder to try and keep up with this race, being very hard on ourselves, for not spending ever waking moment doing something productive.

The problem however, is that this is not sustainable at all. As I have mentioned before, this is an unhealthy behavior that is an investment not in yourself, but in how others perceive you. As Steve Maraboli once said “If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.” And you will. Fast.

There is no argument that the amount of energy you have is a precious, finite resource. Throughout the week, the different decisions you make and actions that you take pull from this reservoir, constantly depleting it. To me, the only way to replenish this supply of energy is through rest and relaxation, not pushing yourself to get ahead in the workplace or spending time engaging in strenuous activities.

While you may love some of these processes or spending time with these people, there is always a recovery, recharge time needed for each person (hence why vacations exist). There is only so much that you can do within a prescribed time period that is productive, after that, your actions can lead to destructive results.

Think of it like a plant. There is an optimal amount of both sunlight and water needed to grow to the biggest size, at the fastest rate. Too much or too little of either, though, can lead to significant negative effects, sometimes even death.

That is why, today, I elected to relax, to recharge my proverbial batteries. By taking some time to myself to reflect on my successes and failures from the last week, educate myself on different topics, do things I love to do, and prepare mentally for the week ahead of me, I feel more ready than ever to accomplish my goals.

I encourage you to do the same. Try to build out adequate time within your schedule to relax and reflect. To get back to doing the things that help you recharge. You will feel immensely more energized and prepared to take one step closer to achieving your wildest dreams.

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