PIE Update: One Third of the way there!

Hello hello! Today is quite the amazing day – two of my best friends just moved out West and we get to celebrate tonight. I can’t wait to head up to SF this evening to catch up. Life’s grand, as per usual.

Yesterday marked the completion of the first third of my Pursuit of Individual Excellence. Time has been flying by and I thought today would be a great opportunity to fill you in on my progress and aggregate my thoughts for each portion. So, here we go:

Intellectual: Behind schedule

This one has been the most difficult to stay ahead of the curve on. Currently, I am approximately on 75% complete with my first book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. With a busy lifestyle, it has been very challenging to find a time to isolate myself and focus on reading. I am hoping to complete this book by tomorrow and start my second book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values. 

Physical: On Track

So far, so good on this front. After opening a new gym membership, I have been able to hit the weights four times a week. This consistency has really improved my strength and mass gains. I am looking to add mass while slowly losing fat and I have seen steady progress over these last ten days. Overall, I feel sharper and leaner.

Virtuous: Slightly Off Track

From a diet standpoint, I have been spot on. Aside from my two cheat days (July 4th and today), I have avoided white carbohydrates entirely. My energy levels have been steady and overall, I feel healthier. In fact, today is the first day in a while that I didn’t eagerly look forward to my cheat day. It is crazy how quickly you can change your habits, if you have the right mindset.

The drinking aspect is the only portion, thus far, in which I have fallen off of the wagon. On the fourth of July, I chose to celebrate with quite a few beers and paid the price ($5 as well) with one of the nastiest hangovers I have ever had. This reinforced my conviction that drinking can largely set you back from reaching your goals, if moderation is not practiced. Other than this instance, I have not drank more than two servings on any given day, even abstaining completely more often than not.

Social: On Track

This one is also going very well. I think that I have had quality social interactions each day this month. I am thankful for this challenge because it has reinforced a “yes man” response in me. For instance, a good friend of mine invited me to go on a weeknight camping trip this past week. Normally, I would defer and elect to stay in (my comfort zone), but due to the shift in mindset this challenge gave me, I went for it. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience, doing something I love with some fantastic people.

Creative: On Track

As expected, this one has been the most demanding, but equally the most rewarding. I have published content on each day thus far, on schedule, but this has severely eaten up my time and caused excess stress. With travel for work combined with the other goals, it has been difficult to dedicate the average thirty minutes or so towards writing, and writing well. Luckily, the results have been very pleasing, for me; this is something I will elaborate on further closer to the end of the challenge.

Overall: On Track

So far, so good. I really appreciate the support from both new and old friends, as well as family; I couldn’t do it without your help and input. The best benefit of this challenge, by far, has been the awareness generated for self-improvement among my network. It is fantastic to see everyone excited and encouraged to also take steps towards their own individual excellence. Keep on pushing yourself!

Amount Owed for Pats Fund: $5

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