Gym ettiquette: part one

Today was a solid, productive day at work. After accomplishing a great deal, I looked forward to meditation through exercise at the gym. I quickly drove to the weight room, eager to get started.

As I changed in the locker room, I could not help but hear the young gentleman next to me speaking loudly on the phone. He was clearly trying to impress whoever was on the line, going on and on about how he was on track to travel coast to coast and about how much more money he would soon be making. I could care less, but did not have the mental strength to tone him out.

Feeling my focus begin to fade, I immediately finished up and headed to my position at the deadlift platform. It didn’t take long to get this jabroni out of my head and to begin my productive workout.

The issue arose again however, as I saw the same guy sitting on an unloaded piece of equipment, eyes glued to his cellular device. In a packed gym, people started gathering around, waiting to use the falsly occupied machine. As I watched on, my blood began to boil.

Luckily, the man left, people were able to use the weights, and I was able to get a great workout in, but we all could have had a more efficient experience, had it not been for this distraction.

I know what you’re thinking: just ignore him. I know I should be the bigger person and move on, but I should not have to. Additionally, ignoring someone takes energy, very valuable energy I prefer not to waste. Going forward, do us all (and yourself) a favor and keep your cell phone in your car during your workout or step outside the gym to use it.

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